Photographed & edited by Riccardo Vincenzi. Artist's recommendation: 28" x 40" (70cm x 100cm) printed on aluminum.

Mesanagros is a small traditional village on Rhodes Island situated between the mountains. It features quaint houses and rural architecture, remnants of a bygone era. The village was originally built in the mountains to avoid pirate raids, a frequent occurrence for Rhodes Island.

Like much of Rhodes Island, Mesanagros also carries with it influence of the Crusaders. It is home to The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, built in the 13th century. Mesanagros also features a Byzantine-built monastery of Saint Thomas, built in the 13th century on the ruins of an older Christian monastery.

48 megapixel 4k drone shot. Specially edited for FineArt printing. Choose between high-quality 5mm PVC or Aluminum materials. Frame not included.