Photographed & edited by Riccardo Vincenzi. Artist's recommendation: 28" x 40" (70cm x 100cm) printed on aluminum.

Kallithea translates directly to "beautiful view," and this anglicisation hardly does it justice. It is an incredibly stunning setting  featuring lush pine tree forests right next to a beautiful coastline. The location is famous for its bays, coves, caves, and beaches, where tourists and locals gather alike to bask in its beauty.

It is also famous for Kallithea Spa, built in 1920 by the Italians during their occupation. Legend has it that Hippocrates was fond of Kallithean waters for their healing properties. Even now, many Greeks believe this legend to be true.

48 megapixel 4k drone shot. Specially edited for FineArt printing. Choose between high-quality 5mm PVC or Aluminum materials. Frame not included.