Far away Sagrada Familia

Photographed & edited by Riccardo Vincenzi. Artist's recommendation: 28" x 40" (70cm x 100cm) printed on aluminum.

 The monument’s beauty, atmosphere, and architectural achievement captivate its visitors immediately upon entrance. The sensation of wonder comes not only from the boldness and perfection of technique that takes this Art Nouveau masterpiece to the height of Catalan modernism but also from the undeniable omnipresence of mysticism and spirituality that inspired the architect. The symbolism can be deciphered and analyzed as a mystical poem to the infinite. The Basilica’s distinct 18 towers represent the 12 apostles, four Evangelists, Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, and the size of each tower differs according to the spiritual hierarchy of each religious figure. The three facades represent the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and each depicts a forest of mystical symbols and allegories. On the façade of the Passion is a Magic Square: 16 numbers and 310 combinations that invariably give the numbers 33, the age at which Christ was crucified. This number also applies to Park Güell’s staircase, which consists of 33 steps.

48 megapixel 4k drone shot. Specially edited for FineArt printing. Choose between high-quality 5mm PVC or Aluminum materials. Frame not included.